How to Repair your Own Television?

feature--2This guide on television repair tells how a flat-screen or tube type television works, what regularly happens, how to recognize a TV issue, and what parts and devices you will need to settle it. It then gives a simple step-by-step for how to service a mechanical tuner and refers you to guidelines for how to test electronic components. Before calling the TV repair service, there are a lot of things you can do to eliminate or diminish the expense of specialized repair. The guide applies to both level screen TV repair and tube type TV repair This guide also refers to others, with common problems such as electrical receptacle repair, electrical cord repair, remote control repair, and others. Read More→

What Are the latest Trends in TV?

feature--1Televisions, just like social media would always have an ongoing trend, from evergy saving, to HD or the best that you can offer to those “couch potatoes” out there. Read More→

The Top 5 TV’s that saves Electricity

feature--3Electrical consumptions and other energy saving considerations are also a major factor that you would consider in buying a television set. Read More→