The Revolutionary Samsung U28D590D

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In the recent years, the first 4K monitors to hit the market were prohibitively expensive and out reach for many. However, their prices are dropping really fast and it is now worth considering on these magnificent screens if you have been thinking of replacing your old panel with a new one. One of the latest to impress, certainly, has to be the new Samsung U28D590D. The following is little bit about this new revolutionary monitor.


The design, alone, is one feature that will lure people into buying this new game changer. The designers were exceptionally crafty for the presentation exhumes quality and perfection. Just like the Aus, this new Samsung screen comes fully equipped with a TN panel rather than the IPS we are used to. It does not even stop there; coming with a slick 1ms response time, this screen has in a way changed the way things used to be done in the gaming industry.

Another selling point when it comes to the overall design is all about its set up. Unlike other 4k monitors, the Samsung U28D590D monitor is incredibly easy to build. The stand that has been clamped right at the back of the screens is rigid and the base can effectively get attached with a set of pre installed screws.


Superior resolution and picture quality

When it comes to general performance, this new Samsung U28D590D has it all. Coming with 3480 by 2160 resolution panel, the images are completely out of this world; the resolution is 4 times higher than the traditional Full HD. As if that is not even enough, the shadow and highlight detail are extremely sharp and the colors are unlike anything you have ever seen. At the end, this screen can let you experience fast on-screen motion smoothly and clearly without experiencing any kind of judder or blur.

Easy multitasking 

Coming fully complete with PIP 2.0 technology, you can actually watch your favorite movies in 4k resolution using one window while working simultaneously on a spreadsheet. Moreover, you can easily adjust the position and the size of the Picture in Picture window to perfectly fit what you need. Amazing isn’t?

Bottom line; if all what has been said is anything to go by, this new 4K screen from Samsung has, practically, lived true to the expectation of many. It is one of the most sought after screens, and with the way things currently stand, this new masterpiece is going to give other well known brand a run for their money. For me, I would actually use Samsung U28D590D anytime anywhere. It is the best.

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